The real estate market in Hyderabad has been booming for years. Not only residential Indians but also NRIs are also attracted to invest in Hyderabad because of land availability with reasonable prices. Many Multinational and Foreign companies are investing in Hyderabad. So, the demand for open plots in Hyderabad is increasing. When it comes to return on investment, open plots always outperform than any other kind of property. If you want to buy open plots in Hyderabad then it is suggested to buy HMDA (Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority) approved plots.

What is HMDA?

HMDA Approved plots in Hyderabad

The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) is the governing authority of planning, regulating, and approving all types of civil structure developments, open plots and constructions in the Hyderabad Metropolitan Area. HMDA has professionals, who supervise all developing projects in Hyderabad in terms of safety. HMDA layouts are trustworthy and reputable for purchasing plots because they were keenly monitored by the authorities. 

What are HMDA approved Plots?

HMDA-approved layout/plot means the project layout or master plan has been approved by the concerned authority. Land usage and developments are regulated by HMDA. HMDA will give approval for plots only after receiving and inspecting the valid documents. HMDA-approved plots are safe and reliable because they are keenly checked and approved.

What are the benefits of HMDA open plots?

There are many advantages of HMDA approved layouts, as it is monitored by the Government. If the HMDA approved a master plan, it means the property is legally clear and safe. Some of the major advantages of HMDA approved plots are mentioned below.


  1. Guaranteed Infrastructure
  2. Development of area
  3. High Appraisal value
  4. Easy loan availabilities


  1. Guaranteed Infrastructure

HMDA Approved plots

If the plot has been approved by the HMDA, that means it is guaranteed that development will take place in the project. According to the plan, the builder must offer basic amenities such as drainage, water pipes, avenue plantation, an efficient energy system, well-built roads, children’s play space, water tanks, street lights, and so on.




  1. Development of area 

HMDA Approved layouts

Investing in approved open plots will get excellent profits and benefits. Apart from that, investing in HMDA-approved plots leads to improvements in the city’s development because the authorities ensure the general development of the locality.





  1. High Appraisal value 

HMDA approved plots

HMDA-approved property gives you a guaranteed high capital appraisal in near future. As approved plots undergo development progress, the value of the plots also increases and the demand for HMDA-approved plots is increasing.






  1. Easy loan availabilities

HMDA Approved Layout

When it comes to investing in HMDA approved plots, finance is not a worry at all. Many banks are willing to provide finance in the form of loans for those who are interested to buy HMDA-approved plots. 






Facilities to check before investing in HMDA plots

  • Width of the roads
  • Road connectivity 
  • Open spaces
  • Blacktop roads
  • Underground drainage system
  • Stormwater drain
  • Internal water supply pipelines and overhead water tank
  • Electric supply with street lights
  • Avenue plantation
  • Parks and social Infrastructure in the area and around it
  • Cycling track and footpath
  • Surrounding plantation and greenery
  • Recreational facilities spaces


Moreover, it is safer if the project is registered under the RERA ( Real Estate Regulations Act). RERA certified plots will get all essential clearances. All potential buyers must be cautious before investing their hard-earned money. Before buying an open plot, one must check whether the layout is HMDA approved.


ARE you planning to buy hmda Approved plots in hyderabad?

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Our ventures are Advaith, Amogh, Kindsdell and Kingsmarque. 

Plots in Hyderabad

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HMDA Approved Plots

Aspirealty Amogh is a 7 acres project near MAK projects at Srisailam highway. This project has close proximity to the airport, ORR, Hospitals and educational institutions. know more.

HMDA approved layouts

Aspirealty Kingsdell is at Tukkuguda on Srisailam Highway which is a prime location in Hyderabad. This venture has very close proximity to the airport and ORR. Know more.

HMDA Approved

Aspirealty Sri Gokulam Kingsmarque is one of the prestigious projects located at Tukkuguda, Srisailam Highway. It has very close proximity to Electronic park, Hardware park, IT SEZ, Airport and ORR. Know more.



The location of a real estate investment, whether it is a plot or a house, is most important. Because, investment is a long-term commitment, and even a small miscalculation in location selection can result in a massive loss. Some projects are significantly less expensive than others, and we often choose the wrong one due to our lack of knowledge and desire to save money. There is no guarantee of development in such areas. We prefer to invest our money in such locations because of the low prices, but we do not obtain a good return on investment.

Compared to DTCP and GP layouts, HMDA layouts are the best investment option. However, HMDA open plots will get fast appraisal due to developments and the Return on investment will be more when compared to DTCP and GP layouts.

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