Sudheer Kasturi



Mr. Sudheer has 15 years of experience in media and technology.

His wealth of knowledge and dedication propels our business to new heights through innovative strategies.

Since 7 years he has been into digital marketing. With exceptional knowledge he started developing strategic business plans.

He plays a key role in leading marketing campaigns from execution to implementation. He researches advertising trends, evaluates the online media campaigns and directs the digital marketing team to stay current with the emerging opportunities in the digital marketing world.

Mr. Sudheer builds strong and successful relationships, maintains communications with clients and collaborates with the team to effectively execute the business.

Recruits Channel Partners and business associates, updates them about latest marketing trends and new technologies to boost long-term success and increase profit.

He leads and communicates with the team to ensure they are fully motivated to achieve best performance to meet the company’s needs.

Mr. Sudheer assesses the needs of the company and finds ways to contribute to the big picture by ensuring daily operations run smoothly and as efficiently as possible.