While the NRIs reside in continents far away from India, it is quite difficult to manage their properties. They need to depend on relatives or parents to look after their property. At Aspirealty, we provide you property services solutions to any concerns that you may have including security to your property, finding genuine tenants etc. We research the latest market trends and look out for fast-appreciating properties for you to invest in.

If you own a property or are planning to purchase a property in Telangana, we help you make the right decision. Our team of experts will suggest the right location, property authenticity, best price and legal formalities. Adding on,  be it property purchasing, selling, maintenance and management our NRI clients can rest assured.

When it comes to buying property at any of Aspirealty projects, we help NRI clients at every stage. We strive hard to provide cost-effective, hassle-free, and trustworthy property management services.

The wide array of our NRI services are enumerated below –

  • Property Deals – Expert consultation and support in making critical decisions
  • Property Investment and Development
  • Construction
  • Legal Opinion & Government Approvals 
  • Security to the property
  • Digital Marketing
  • We have specialized and vast experience in property management.
  • We provide the best in person consultation services answering all your queries.
  • We provide online support to you via email, chat, whatsapp or a phone call.
  • Documentation assistance for Buyers & Sellers.
  • We take keen attention to details and deliver you perfection as promised.


    NRI Property Services
    Property Deals

    We provide an array of Real Estate services in India and advise across all residential, commercial, and other asset types. Our team will help to maximize the value of your asset and to help you at every step of the way of the transaction process. Whether you’re a homeowner, a first-time buyer, an owner of a commercial property, our advice is always tailored and transparent. We market your property to global clients. 

    property-dealsOur strong market knowledge & research, ensure you receive the best possible advice every time, whatever your real estate needs. We have a network of legal consultants in several jurisdictions. This allows us to rapidly access high-quality local counsel when the need arises.

    What we do

    We aim to find solutions for you that balance flexibility, value for money and offer advice to developers, individual buyers, sellers and investment seekers about the following:

    • Buy/Sell Opportunities
    • Right time and price to sell
    • Invest in booming areas
    • Joint Development Opportunities


    Buying and Selling

    Our expert investment specialists will make their best efforts to get you the most appropriate deal for buying the desirable legal property. We gather the updated market information to boost the credibility of your property that you are planning to sell and ensure that you get a best price.

    Renting or Leasing your property

    Finding the best location which fits your budget. If you are looking to rent a residential/commercial property, we will guide you through the entire process from finding the right property in the right area to guiding you through the tenancy agreement. We help the property owners in figuring out the genuine potential tenants to lease your property. 

    Advantages of our services

    • Quality services covering all areas of buying, selling, leasing & investment.
    • Complete and balanced picture of India and the International market.
    • Professional teams for sales instructions.
    • Maximized market exposure of your property to ensure potential value is identified.
    Property Investment & Land Development

    If you choose a right property, real estate investing can be lucrative. Real Estate investment will be an additional income stream and also helps to diversify your existing investment portfolio. Many investors don’t know where or how to invest in real estate. At Aspirealty we show you the best ways to create wealth in real estate.

    We will help you with professional investment advice on property purchases within your estimated budget and we also provide property sharing for long-term ROI.

    Why Property Investment?

    Owning multiple residential or commercial properties will create a steady and decent capital appreciation. It is capable of generating stable income in form of monthly rents. As the cities are developing gradually

    property investment

    the rate of rental income is also growing and inflation is going high in long term, especially in metropolitan cities. As the monthly yield of property grows, it pushes the overall property prices.

    With a growing and young population in our country, demand for property keeps rising. Unlike any other asset the real estate generates unparalleled returns. Property investment is one of the best option to grow the money without any hassle. It is the major reason why big investors has special interest for it.



    Buying your first investment property is not an easy task especially if you didn’t plan a financing strategy to help you out. We at Aspirealty will take a look at the factors that will affect your financing options and the different loan products available in the marketplace today.


    We provide hassle free loans from all major banks & NBFCs, for all kinds of properties like residential, commercial, open plots, warehouses, hospitals & hostels. We offer a range of financial solutions to projects at various stages of development or with specific requirements.

    Aspirealty lends  a supporting hand in raising funds against properties at optimal interest rates in the following cases:

    • To construct a house or a commercial building in a open plot
    • To purchase a apartment or villa from real estate builder/developer
    • To buy a pre-existing home from the owner directly
    • Arrange finances to buy a land
    • We will provide a mortgage against residential/commercial/open lands to fulfill your financial needs.



    Aspirealty offers a full suite of land development services including master planning, due diligence and feasibility analyses, entitlement strategies, site design and permitting services.

    land development

    We’ll work as fast, as smart, and as hard as you do to fulfill the goals you have for your property.

    • We develop HMDA/DTCP approved layouts for open plots, residential and commercial properties with world-class amenities as per the updated government norms.
    • Landscaping for farms and mega projects.


    Why Choose Us? 
    • Competitive Service Rates
    • Excellent Customer Service
    • Experienced Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors
    • Fully Licensed Business
    • Professional Engineers
    • Professional Land Surveyors
    • Quality Land Development Services

    Our services include Architecture and Construction of commercial and residential spaces along with concept to reality themes. We ensure that your construction is completed within budget, scope, and schedule.

    constructionDiversity and Inclusion

    Whether you are in the Buildings, Civil, Industrial or Special Projects partnering with Aspirealty means you’re gaining a proven, reliable and trusted full-service partner with a network of experts and professionals across India. We strive for quality craftsmanship and superior solutions. Caring for your design is our top priority.

    Our Approach

    We focus not only on reducing costs but to achieve value for money. We can model alternate solutions with a rapid cost analysis of various design options. Our focus groups evaluate possible options for a cost-optimized scheme. We use the latest, real-time software to provide clients with all the project information they need, including design, procurement, takeoffs, estimates and more.

    home construction

    We stand behind everything we do, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!



    We also go above and beyond to maintain great relationships with vendors and subcontractors prior to accepting them on a project. Whether it’s innovative design credits or providing cost-effective alternatives that drive returns, Aspirealty is your single-source solution for getting it done right the first time.

    The construction process is a systematic task to be done by skilled persons. First of all,  few important aspects like purpose of construction, utility, financial proficiency & demand for work, etc. must be considered before starting the construction. A detailed construction process from start to finish involves the following steps:

    Construction phases


    Service Overview

    Maximizing design and construction efficiencies early adds measurable value and reduces risk. Our company has departments that are geared specifically to the needs of various kinds of projects. 

    Constructability and Budget Control

    Our pre-construction experts drive best practices to maximize design and construction efficiencies as well as to deliver best value for lowest cost without compromising your design vision. Through constant communication and collaboration with members of our integrated design and construction team as well as the client, we focus on identifying and delivering upon key project objectives.

    Security to the Property

    We are a specialist in property management & open plot monitoring. We realized that property is the most expensive purchase most people make in a lifetime and safeguarding it from encroachments is necessary. We secure Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, and Construction properties from encroachments.

    Our Requirements to Secure your property:
    • Installation of signboard
    • Interaction with property owners association
    • A facilitator needs to be introduced who stays nearby the property.

    *In case of encroachments/criminal trespass/land grabbing shall be informed to the Owner/representative through mail/phone when identified by the Company and based on the requirement of the client, we will assist the legal team for further course of action.

    cctv camera
    Our monitoring services include the following: 
    • Photos / live videos each month – Video coverage is a critical component of any effective security solution. Our security personnel will update you by sending pictures and live videos of your property. It provides accurate visual information to confirm & validate. 
    • Surrounding area development updatesAll types of government and commercial developments surrounding your area will be updated to you at regular intervals accordingly.
    • Rental Follow-ups – We will inform the tenant about overdue rent and then follow it up until they clear all the arrears.
      • Periodic property inspection to check damages
      • Check for misuse of property for wrong purposes
      • Tenant background check and screening
      • Execute lease agreement to protect owner rights
      • Ensure prompt utility bill payment on behalf of owner
    Major Reasons to manage your property actively and regularly are mentioned below:
    • In most states, longer possession has higher rights than legal possession and it becomes a task to vacate the illegal occupant.
    • Land grabbers/mafia exists everywhere in some form or other. Actively monitored properties are less attractive to even land grabbers.
    • We take all precautions to save you from fighting property disputes & long-drawn legal cases. 
    • Abandoned properties are prone to threats, sometimes resulting in the eventual loss of total property. 
    • Regular monitoring prevents unintentional encroachments.
    Advanced Protection Services

    It’s a known fact that assets with a basement, compound walls or rooms are more secure. We strongly believe that prior action should be taken instead of waiting for a threat. To enhance the protection of your assets from encroachments we recommend to you our exclusive construction services.

    Optional Services
    • cctvWe provide 24/7 CCTV surveillance 
    • Trained Security personnel round the clock
    • Fencing / Boundary Wall construction if required
    • Basement/Short wall
    • Rooms
    • Property Identification
    • Mark site with 4 cornerstones
    • Shrub clearance for entire site
    • Encumbrance certificate



    Our property tax management service is designed to relieve you from the burden associated with property tax administration. We ensure that we provide a comprehensive or a customized solution that fits your unique property management and administration needs. We provide real-time access to the property with on-demand reporting capabilities.
    We give you the strategic recommendations to ensure fair and equitable property tax assessments to minimize all your property tax obligations.

    Property Tax Co-Sourcing Benefits

    • Portfolio analysis along with strategic planning
    • Real-time status updates for all documents and information related to property tax assessments and bill payments
    • Real and personal property tax schedules will be managed
    • Annual budgeting and continual forecasting throughout the year
    • Customized reporting of appeals, taxes due, accruals, and audit response
    • Timely responses to inquiries from internal client teams and departments
    • Management of third-party consultants
    • Management of all aspects of the bill payment process as needed, working seamlessly with the compliance group to ensure accurate and on-time payments
    • Collaborative development of best practices, training, and efficient workflow


    Note: As a gesture of gratitude, we act as helpline support in need of medical emergencies for Elderly people.

    Legal Opinion

    Buying and owning a property will be on everyone’s wish-list. Before purchasing any property all the documents need to be checked carefully whether they are approved and registered by government authorities. In simple words, a legal opinion is compulsory, because it is like a birth certificate for a property.

    Take the opinion of an advocate with a revenue experience to certify the documents. Based on this opinion a buyer can decide whether to buy the property or not. A property must have a legal validity from government certified authorities like HMDA, GHMC, DTCP & banking sector.

    Alongwith legal opinion a property search report is also recommended to ensure the registered documents legal genuinity. We provide legal opinion from our empanelled advocates with an experience of 25 years in providing the same and they are empanelled with all major Banks and NBFCs.

    The following key points must be checked and verified before a land purchase:

    • legalOwnership details
    • Chain of Title
    • Derivation of ownership right
    • Nature of right of the transferor
    • Legal competency of transferor
    • Nature of property and Land use
    • Development and Construction
    • Encumbrances
    • Litigation
    • Restrictions and allowances
    • Public notice
    • Dual registration
    • Government properties
    • Blocked survey No.s (unauthorized registrations)
    What we do

    As an industry pioneer we have significant experience in advising clients. We extend our legal opinion and support in legal issues like clearance to the disputed property through an arbitration procedure.
    Whether you are looking to buy/sell a property or for any documentation process our team will look after all the registrations, document preparations, land certificates and government approvals for your property.

    Our Services

    We have a team of exceptionally talented lawyers, legal specialists & process experts who implement comprehensive solutions to solve our clients’ most difficult problems. With a wealth of experience in various sectors our dynamic team is well prepared to provide assistance.
    Our expert knowledge and experience of the region’s real estate industry allows us to provide clients with efficient, practical advice & assistance in respect of real estate transactions. With our depth of experience we assist our clients equally with the nuances of local business practices.

    Key aspects of the firm’s work includes:
    • Legal opinionLegal Advisory
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Land Registrations
    • Construction Approvals
    • Land or Plot Regularization
    • Building Regularization
    • Advice in connection with lease agreements for property
    • Document preparations, land certificates and government approvals.
    Digital Marketing

    In today’s online world, marketing your business online is essential. No matter your industry or company size, it’s one of the best ways to grow your business. We become an extension of your team, that understands your business and goals, rather than just a marketing agency that executes strategies blindly. A company’s website is the most important marketing asset and should serve as a 24/7 online sales representative. As long as your business has a strong digital presence, your customers will always find you irrespective of your business size. 

    Digital marketing servicesOur goal is to boost your business & make it reach across the globe so that you can target your clients, irrespective of time differences or location.

    What You Get from US
    1. Market Research – Extensive market research to find out Target Audience in your niche. We search audiences based on keyword searches online and approach them with a planned action.
    2. Visibility We increase your company’s visibility across the globe, help you reach your target audience, generate qualified leads, and earn huge profits.
    3. Traffic Adding quality content to your website significantly increases the chances of getting more traffic & leads for your business. We write content based on keyword research to garner more attention to your business.
    4. SEOSEO helps you improve your ranking in search results to reach more valuable traffic for your business.
    5. Social Media Promotion – Social media platforms are an excellent channel for your company to connect with leads interested in your business and provide them with customized content.
    6. Lead Generation – Understanding the basic needs of your visitors and creating an experience that’s compelling enough for them to come back for more, is equally important.
    7. ROI (Return on Investment) – Effective usage of your capital to generate profit.
    8. Cost-effective Advertising through PPC – Digital ads are the best way to add fuel to your online marketing. It gets your brand in front of your buyers faster.
    9. Analytics – Timely analysis of website visitors & strategic updates from time to time.
    Process for your Brand
    • Research
    • Strategy
    • Implementation
    • Optimizationsocial media marketing
    •  SEO
    • Social Media
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Pay per CLICK
    • Display Ads
    • Content Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Online Reputation Management